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Alex W


Three Decades of Mastery:

With over 30 years of experience, Alex is a living archive of moving knowledge. His journey with All About Moving reflects a commitment to excellence that only decades of mastery can bring. From the simplest tasks to the most complex moves, Alex's seasoned touch ensures a smooth and efficient experience.


Strength Beyond Measure:

When we say Alex can lift or move anything, we mean it. His strength is not just a physical attribute but a symbol of the reliability you can expect from a mover who has encountered every conceivable moving scenario. No challenge is too big for Alex to handle with ease and precision.


Big Guy, Bigger Heart:

Behind the brawn is a heart as vast as his experience. Alex's dedication to his craft is only rivaled by the immense love he carries for his family. A proud husband and father of two beautiful daughters, he brings a familial touch to every move, understanding the importance of your cherished belongings.


Expertise in Every Move:

Whether it's navigating tight corners, handling fragile items, or orchestrating the logistics of a large-scale move, Alex's expertise shines through. His attention to detail and wealth of experience make him a go-to resource for both clients and colleagues alike.


An Icon in Motion:

As a seasoned mover, Alex is not just an employee; he's an icon in motion. Experience the reliability, strength, and heart that he brings to every move at All About Moving & Storage Tampa Bay. Your journey with Alex is not just a relocation; it's a seamless transition guided by three decades of moving mastery and a heart that beats for family and excellence. Welcome to moving, the Alex way!

Alex W
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